Need forums on WordPress? The bbPress plugin lets you run your forums right from the WordPress administration screens.

Run Forums from WordPress

No separate software is required. This means:

  • Your readers use the same WordPress logins for replying to forum topics as they already use for commenting on posts.
  • You can use the same WordPress theme you’re already using. (Though you may want to look into specialized bbPress themes).
  • You can leverage existing WordPress features like tagging, widgets, spam protection, and much more.
  • Best of all, you don’t need to learn a whole new application just to offer forums.

bbPress Is Popular

With over 750,000 downloads, bbPress is a major WordPress plugin. It’s featured in the short list on the front page of the Plugin Directory.
You can see bbPress in use on major sites, not only at Support (which might be expected), but also the DropBox forums.

Flexible Privacy

Each bbPress forum can have a separate privacy setting. Forums can be totally public, or private to logged in users, or exclusive to moderators and admins.

Organize Your Forums

If you run lots of forums on one site, you can organize them into a hierarchy. Parent  forums can contain other forums.
You can also set a forum to be a Category. Categories have no topic, and are only used as parents for other forums.
Plus, you can set the order in which forums are listed.

Topics: Tagged, Sticky, and Super Sticky

You can tag topics, hooking into the excellent WordPress tagging system.
You can also make a topic sticky, which keeps it at the top of the forum. Even better, you can make it super sticky, if it needs to stick at the top of allthe forums. (Use with caution.)

Learn More About bbPress

bbPress is largely intuitive; you can probably jump in and start making forums and topics with ease.


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