Ultimate Tips To Increase Google PageRank Of Your Blog


How To Increase PageRank Of A Blog?Isn’t that the question in your mind? Is not the question to which you want a stunning and simple answer? Well, you have come to the right place. This is a complete tutorial on how you can increase your blog’s PageRank quickly and easily! Follow these ultimate tips to increase the PageRank of your website 🙂

Why To Increase PageRank?

PageRank is definitely not an indication of how your blog will do in search engine rankings, it does not mean you get more traffic, I have seen blogs with PR 2 getting more traffic than blogs with PR 6! Crazy right??
So then why do we need a good page rank and why should we work to increase it?
Here are some reasons in list format so as to why you need to increase your blog’s Google PageRank

  • Status of your blog increase.
  • Brand value of your blog goes up.
  • Visitors feel your blog is trustworthy.
  • You will get attention of guest posters.
  • Because of the previous point, you get loads of good quality free content for your blog.
  • Bragging rights.
  • Advertisers will love your blog.
  • You can get accepted easily into advertising networks such as BuySellAds, BlogAds, Google Adsense etc.
  • You feel good about your hard work, it puts a number to your efforts.

Need any more reasons? I don’t think so, this is great incentive for working towards increasing your page rank!

Guest Posting

Guest posting is by far the best way to increase PageRank of your blog, I would even go as far as saying that it is the ultimate PageRank increaser…if there is such a thing
Guest posting on top blogs gives you crazy link juice and the best thing is its all natural, just the way Google loves it!

Great Writing Brings You More Backlinks

Your blog posts will only get linked to if they are highly informative and highly useful, so why write anything that is not?
Write complete and creative posts and your blog will get backlinks from various sources, do not worry, if your blog posts are good, you will get noticed and backlinks are just the next step!
Learn how you can write great blog posts!

Blog Commenting

My favourite way to increase backlinks to my blog and hence increase page rank. Blog commenting can be very much fun and it has plenty of other advantages too such as –

  • It is too much fun to do
  • You will get a lot of blogger friends.
  • You will grow your blogging connections.
  • You will get great backlinks.
  • You will get good amount of traffic to your blog through comments.

OMG there are so many great advantages right? Look for blogs with the CommentLuv plugin installed and start commenting. Don’t hesitate, comment what you feel, but please never spam a blog.

Link Exchanges

You can always exchange links with your blogger friends. But this is not a very effective way of increasing page rank as two way link exchanges are easily seen by Google and are usually discounted.
But we bloggers are very intelligent aren’t we?
We have discovered 3-way link building and 4-way link exchanges etc. which no algorithm can detect! But do not overdo this as Google might penalize you.

Buying Links

Again another way of increasing PageRank which borders on black hat, I do not really recommend this, but this is a way to increase PageRank, I have had many people asking about paying for links on my blogs, so I am just making a point here that it is possible to increase PageRank this way.
Not Recommended.

Submitting Your Blog To Blog Directories

There are many blog directories out there that accept submissions of blogs, all they do is add a link to your blog from their site. These blog directories are usually really fast indexing and Google bots visit their sites very often, which means there are more chances of getting credit in the form of PageRank for those links which you have submitted.

Submitting Your Blog To Social Bookmarking Sites

Works very much like how the blog directories work except that these social bookmarking sites are usually spammed with thousands of links from thousands of blogs so these backlinks will not get you big time PageRank juice.

Internal Linking Within Your Blog

Most people believe that internal linking will not help much in increasing page rank of your blog pages, but it does, big time! If you have a high PR blog post, you can spread the PageRank juice to all the other posts by interlinking from one post to another. This will ensure all your blog pages get a decent PageRank.

Cross Linking Between Your Different Blogs

If you are the owner of a few different blogs like I am, you can easily flow the PageRank juice to all your blogs and increase the PageRank of all your blogs. But do not overdo it as Google might penalize one or more of your blogs for linking too much to a single site.Learn great Google SEO Tips to drive insane traffic to your blog!

So those were some stunning ideas to gain more backlinks and increase the PageRank of your blog, if you guys know other ways of increasing the PageRank of a blog please let me know in the comments section!


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