You like taking photos. You adore shooting videos. You want every moment to be memorized. For this purpose you turn to slideshow makers. They provide an opportunity to put pictures and videos in a definite order, connected with the help of various transitions, decorated with suitable effects, in accordance with a certain style. Check our top 5 programs for making fantastic slideshows of your pics.

Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter Freemake Video Converter Click to enlarge Let’s start with Freemake Video Converter.
Pros: the program offers several formats to save the video in, different transitions, possibility to add a music track, handy interface, and simplicity for usage. Just add your pictures, add music file, choose a necessary format and you are done. You can also upload your presentation to YouTube right from the program by clicking “to YouTube” and inserting your YouTube account data. Cons: no possibility to add a wallpaper to your a slideshow. However, one can easily get by without it.
Verdict: it is a good solution for both formal presentations and slideshows for digital family albums.

Bolide Slideshow Creator

Pros: all the necessary components of Slideshow makers are present – transitions, fragment duration, an opportunity to select audio file from your computer as a background. At the end of the work you are proposed to save your creation in three formats – AVI, VMW, MKV and three variants of quality are offered as well.
Cons: quite a plain and modest interface, with a bit clumsy transitions makes it look quite simple. Actually, the buttons, prints and texts are so simple as if we are back in ninetieths.
Verdict: a simple program, quite sufficient for a beginner, but a proficient user, for sure, will need something more vivid and attractive.

Wondershare Fantashow

Pros: it is a very stylish creator, which offers the user an enormous amount of styles – each of them has its own theme, transitions, music, effects and – the most important for creativity– its own atmosphere. Everything is ready for you – just drop your photos and relax. The user will discover different formats for the output (for iPhone, iPad and other i-devices) and find a way to share his masterpiece with friends on Facebook.
Cons: some styles are available only for premium users and users are not allowed to choose transpositions by themselves – they are set within the limits of the style chosen.
Verdict: this creator is a good choice for the making memorable-events slideshows – on occasions of weddings, birthdays, father days, but it seems too complicated for school data presentations.


Pros: as the previous one, “Smilebox” is full of multiple styles, but they offer more creativity – the user may choose the colors, some elements of the style and the sequence of the slides himself. Read more about Smilebox. Read more about Smilebox.
Cons: only three definite music samples are available for each project, for adding your own musical piece you should sign up, and Smilebox won’t forget to remind you about it every ten minutes. And the main drawback is that you can share your creation, print it, save as a video on your PC or on DVD only if you pay for the premium account.
Verdict: it is a really wonderful application with extraordinary and true-to-life styles, so pleasurable at the beginning, but disappointing at the end for a little bit.
Download free Smilebox

Visual Slideshow

Pros: a simple slideshow maker for speedy work (that may be regarded as a drawback, though). The final video will go non-stop until you stop it yourself. A pretty simple interface allows you not to bother your head with various transitions and chose-and-apply buttons – you just select one effect, and the smart program will employ it everywhere.
Cons: the only drawback that we found is the absence of the button for previewing the output before saving.
Verdict: it is a fast program for rapid presentations, and it will be really handy if you are pressed for time or make a business or school presentation. Download free Visual Slideshow 
So, which one did you like most? Note: if you need an online slideshow maker, you can try Animoto.


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