Tips For Starting Your First Blog

Wonders around the world were not built in a day, and neither can a successful blog be made in a single day. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to start a blog. You might take it easy and fail in the process of starting a new blog.

People think that blogging is a easy way to earn money. Though it is true that it requires less work to make it big, but bare in mind it is not true as much as you like it to be. I have personally written in various blogs and I know how much issues we bloggers face in our day to day blogging life.
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If you want to achieve success with your very first blog, here are some tips and tricks that will ensure you a healthy start in the blogging world.

1.Pick up your Niche

When it comes to blogging, I would suggest you to write about only what you know. Write only about topics you are good at, else everything is a failure. Pick one or two topics to start with and keep writing post on it.
Picking up a proper Niche is a key to success. If you write about things you love, people will flow into your blog. I love to write about blogging and Windows 8 and I have seen a lot of my post hitting the top of Google Search.

2.Hard work and consistency

One can never achieve success and fame without hard work and consistency. You can see for yourself, the big names in the world like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and more, had to work hard and consistently to make a name for themselves.
There will be time when you will feel like it’s of no use, but you should never lose faith. I had to wait for around 6 months before I can taste success using my blog. I used to feel frustrated and letting go, but I did not. I kept on writing day in and day out and after 6 months my blog took the taste of success and once there is success, you can just go on.
What can you do? Well, for one keep writing about things you love and things you are good at. Help others with in depth blog post, learn SEO and use good resources to give a finishing to your blog. By resources I mean, a good theme (Premium themes preferred) and WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO, W3 Total cache, Yet another related post plugin and more.

3.You have to be social

Social media is the best resource to promote your blog. Once you have decided to start a new blog. Start promoting it on various social media and community. Make a Facebook page, Google Plus page and a Twitter for a start. Expand it on Reddit and stumble upon with site link submissions.
While it takes some time to get traffic from SEO, or simply Google. Social media allows you get traffic to your blog from the start. If you are good at writing down controversial and catchy phrases, people will click on the links that you share on your social profiles.
Here is a list of some social websites that will provide maximum exposure to your blog in its initial days

4.Using the right resources for blogging

When you start with blogging or any other work, you want to get the best possible start to it.
Well blogging is great with the best resources.
To start, use a self hosted domain with WordPress CMS. WordPress is the most successful blogging platform on the planet. It’s easy to use and allows high customization because it’s an open source project.  You can shape your blog as the way you want it to be.
Whether its a photo blog, a company you are promoting or a product release website, you can do all of this with WordPress.
You can also other CMS, if you don’t want to go with WordPress, like Blogger and Drupal but they are not as user friendly and scalable as WordPree. There is literally thousands of themes to change you website’s or blog’s appearance and thousands of plugins to boost your blog’s usage factor and audience reach.

5. Start following Top blogs in your niche

There is a saying the more you read, the more you learn and this is true when you start doing it. Follow top blogs and learn from their authors.
Start following top blogs of your niche. See what your competitors are writing about and develop your own ideas to beat them. If you can’t beat them, still you have to try to become better than they are. Keep on reading and writing. A reader has more composure than normal people. He has a high perception rate and can understand what his or her readers want.
So keep reading and learning. This will insure a good development on how you write your blog posts.

Now, it’s your turn

Follow these tips and I am sure you will have a good start with your first blog. These are some of the best tips I give to my clients who want to start a new blog. This will allow you to get more visitors from time to time. And as you grow and write more post, you will see people connecting to you.

If you have any more tips to share for starting a new blog, do share them in the comments section below. So go ahead follows these tips to start a new blog.