To easily get to the Google products you use most, like Gmail or Google+, you can use the Google bar that runs across the top of the screen on many Google products. You can also use it to search, share, and manage your Google account, all in one place.
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Switch between products

To switch between Google products, click the App launcher icon and select the one you’d like to use. If you don’t see what you want in the menu, click More at the bottom of the menu to see additional Google products.
Get back to your Gmail

If you accidentally clicked away from your inbox and end up on a different Google page, you can follow the instructions above to get back to Gmail using the Google bar.

Customize your menu

You can customize the App launcher to show your favorite products at the top. To put the products in the order in which you’d like them to appear, simply drag and drop them within the menu. If you’d like to add one you don’t see in the list, click More at the bottom of the menu to show additional Google products you can then drag to the top.
You can also add Google products you use that don’t appear in the “More” section. Just go to the product you’d like to add and open the App launcher, and you’ll see a prompt to add it as an app. If you don’t see the app launcher on the product page, you may not be able to add that product to the App launcher right now.

If you are travelling and in a country where a certain product is not supported, it will still show up in your App launcher but will be grayed out and unclickable.

Note: If you are using a Google Apps account, you won’t be able to customize your menu

Sign out, switch accounts, or manage account settings

To sign out of your account, switch accounts, or manage your account settings, click your picture on the upper right hand side. If you see your email address at the top instead of a photo, click that. Note that signing out of your account from the Google bar means you’ll be signed out for all Google products. For example, if you signed out of Gmail, you’ll also be signed out of Calendar and Maps.

Search from the Google bar

For some services like Gmail, the Google bar will include a search box you can use to search within that service. For example, in Gmail you can use this search box to find a specific email.

Share to Google+ from the Google bar

If you use Google+, you can easily share things with your circles by clicking Share from the Google bar. The icons at the bottom of the box can be used to add photos, videos, links, or events to your post.
Beside the Share button you’ll also see a bell icon which displays the number of unread Google+ notifications you have, which you can quickly browse by clicking on the icon.


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