If you are blogger, you might be using WordPress platform since this is favorite blogging platform for almost all bloggers. If you are web developer or theme developer, you can bring WordPress to offline mode and test various coding on your WordPress blog. If you are testing something on your live blog, it may interrupt or disturb your current active visitors on your blogs. There is also new program available with Xampp & WAMP name, that also allows you to install WordPress locally on your desktop or laptop computers.

Another best use of offline WordPress installation is you can test WordPress interface, if you are using other blogging platform and want to migrate from any other to WordPress, You can use Instant WordPress to get familiar with it’s dashboard, plugins, themes management and all. When you install Instant WordPress software on your computer, and launch it, you will be given options like in the image here, You just need to copy local WordPress URL and paste it on your browser.
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What is Instant WordPress

As the name suggest, Instant WordPress allows you to access WordPress offline on your computer without configuring anything else. It is simple and easy to use Portable WordPress software that you can also carry else where and use on any computer. You would not have to configure it each time, even you can use Instant WordPress on your recently formatted computer without any issue. Instant WordPress is FREE Offline WordPress software that allows you to enjoy full features of self hosted WordPress blog’s interface on your computer. It is available for FREE download and you can easily Instant WordPress Download online from instantwp.com
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How to Install WordPress on your PC

When you install InstantWP.exe file on your computer, it will create a folder on your computer with the same name. You will find instantwp file on that folder, whenever you want to launch Offline WordPress on your computer, you will have to open that file.

Free Instant WordPress
You can access your WordPress from this URL on your browser. It’s default username is admin and password is password.
You can install your favorite Plugins or Themes on your offline WordPress blog just like you installing regular themes & plugin on your blog. However you can also copy paste themes and plugins into the respective folders and activate it from your computer’s local WordPress admin dashboard. You can also easily access your phpmyadmin by clicking on MySQLAdmin and modify any database you wish to play with.
You can also install WordPress on your USB stick easily, just choose location of drive you want to install WordPress at the time of installing Instant WordPress. It will installed at your desired location.
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Instant WordPress Features

  • Free & Easy to use.
  • Carry WordPress Blog on your USB Drive.
  • Test & Develop WordPress blog in offline mode without affecting your active visitors on your blog.
  • Useful for web developers.

You can download this FREE software @ http://www.instantwp.com
If you are using any other Tool for using WordPress blog on your computer in offline mode, feel free to share it by commenting in the comment section below. We would love to check similar tool from our end.
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