Here Is What Google, Facebook & Twitter Are Doing To Help People In Chennai

Chennai is witnessing one of the worst floods in its history. To help people during this natural disaster, everyone is doing their bit. Yesterday we informed you about several companies who are lending a helping hand to Chennaites struck in the flood.
This morning we shared helpline numbers that Chennai people can use to ask for help. And now, we are going to talk about initiatives that Google, Facebook, and Twitter—websites that connect people beyond boundaries—are taking to help Chennaites.
It has announced a Crisis response page, which has all the emergency numbers that people would need. What else you will found on this page includes Name and numbers of people who are offering shelter to affected people; an exhaustive list of flooded Chennai streets; and a list of doctors, shelters, volunteers, and other resources. Google has crowdsourced this information using its back-end technology.
Though people are checking their friends whereabouts in Chennai via this social networking site, still Facebook has enabled a safety check feature on the website. People are going here to announce their safety. This feature is similar to the one that Facebook had enabled when Nepal witnessed that devastating earthquake earlier this year.
The micro-blogging website is running a #ChennaiRainsHelp campaign in India and is asking twitterati to tweet useful information pertaining to Chennai floods using the #ChennaiRainsHelp hashtag. The idea is to do aid damage control on the flooded Chennai streets.


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