Google AdSense Quick Approval Tricks Before Applying :

Google AdSense is not easy as before. But if you follow my steps it may be easy to get approve. This post is about my personal experience not any kind of scientific calculation.

Blog Design and Navigation

For getting AdSense approved blog design and navigation is a very important fact. Google adsense means online marketing or business. So where they can’t make online marketing or business, they will never approve those sites.
For getting your AdSense approved your site should have professional look. Visitors love the site when they visit.
Many site owner give the site background black which is annoying to the visitors. So make the background white.
Please focus on site structure and navigation. You have to focus on internal links too.
Google search engine crawler, AdSense crawler gets the content information and shows content relevant ads.
Your internal are also most important fact.
If your internal links and site navigation structure are not good search engine crawler and AdSense crawler can’t get the information about your site content. That’s why relevant ads are not showing in your site. You may understand what will happen if relevant ads will not show. So focus about your site structure.

Blog Topics Selection

Suppose your website related to health but you write post about sports which will affect your Google AdSense. The topic you selected for your write about same topic.

Organic Traffic

If you not get organic traffic from Google you have to do hard work for getting AdSense. Try to make your blog SEO optimized for getting organic traffic. If you have organic traffic you will get Google AdSense.

Content Quality and Quantity

Some years ago people get AdSense by copying others 100% content. They earn $100 by publishing copy-paste content. But now you can not publish little copy paste content. It is impossible now for panda and penguin update. Forget the past think about present. If you want AdSense you must need quality content posts.
When you get your AdSense all works is done?
Before applying for AdSense you must have 15-20 high quality unique content. All the content must be 500-600 words and must be unique. Post the content by same rules means if you write single content daily write a single content daily or if you write one more post write in same way daily. Content is king in all way.


We never focus on site age. Sometimes ago we get AdSense within 24 hours, one day, two days, three days, one week or publishing 2-3 posts. But recently it’s not possible. You will get AdSense within 24 hours but your site age must be 3 months.

Very Important

Sometimes Google AdSense will not approve because of privacy and policy page. Who have no privacy and policy page please create a privacy policy page. It will help you most.
For getting AdSense I think these steps are important. If you follow these steps you may get AdSense quickly.