Video blogging is becoming popular and YouTube is one of the favorite site for other to host their videos. Do you know you can make money from videos which you are uploading on YouTube by using YouTube partnership program. More over by becoming a Youtube partner you will get more detailed insight of your uploaded videos.

When you search online  “how to get youtube partnership ?” Some people will say that you need that much of  subscribers or that much of  total upload views, but the real facts are
  1. You can easily get youtube partnership when you are making videos by yourself, i.e not copying anybodies content, uploading those videos of which you are the owner, having copyrights etc.
  2. If you are regularly uploading videos like minimum one video per week.
  3. Make such videos that are helpful to others, you can make on tutorials, we make on health related issues.
  4. You should have adsense account to apply for youtube partnership.
  5. Getting into YouTube Partnership program is not easy. Your earlier uploaded videos should have millions of views. (Tip credit: @blogsdna)

Benefits of becoming a Youtube partner

  1. You will be able to make money from videos uploaded by you on Youtube using Adsense.
  2. When you are approved as a partner, you will be given a branding option, through which you will be able to put banners and image maps, able to connect google analytics account, and can add video page banner.
  3. You can brand your channel with mobile options also.

Every time when you will upload a new video youtube will ask you to write “I created this video and I own all rights to all content in the video” and you need to tick that you have not recorded any live programs or live events, or t.v shows etc. You can see complete list of benefits which you will get after becoming a YouTube partner here.

Changes in Adsense Account after Youtube Partnership:

You will see one more tracking channel with Youtube Option where your earning of youtube will be shown, just in the same way as that adsense for content, there you will see adsense for host content.
If you are one of those who create your own videos, you can learn more about Youtube adsense partnership on official page and apply for Youtube partnership program.
Do let us know if you are going to apply for Youtube Partnership and planning to make money out of  YouTube videos? How much revenue is it making for you and what other benefits you are getting for being a youtube partner?


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