Mobile marketing is becomingincreasingly valuable today. As such, companies that want to see higher salesnumbers and better leads are getting involved with mobile marketing in a bigway. Since 67%of internet users are accessing the web from a mobile device, there is ahuge and often untapped market to consider. It’s important that companiesmarket correctly, though, or they could end up losing out on the sales theyreally want to get. Here are 5 tips to use mobile marketing to drive sales: 

1).Get Attention in the Mobile Inbox

People today read their mail onmobile devices as much or more than they do on a computer. That means they canend up with a lot in their inbox, and your message can easily get overlooked.Don’t settle for getting scrolled past or dumped, unread, into the trashfolder. Focus on what you can offer to potential customers, and make that thefocus of your email headline. If they aren’t interested or intrigued in someway by your email’s subject line, they’ll never even read the content. 

2).Provide Check-In Offers and Deals

Mobile devices are everywhere, andpeople check in from the places they go. Give them a reason to come to yourplace, and offer them something when they get there. If they check in with youand get a discount off of whatever they buy that day, they’re more likely tomake a purchase. After all, they’re saving money – and they’ll see it that wayeven if they didn’t originally plan to buy anything from you. Make sure yourdiscounts and deals are fair and realistic, or they aren’t going to be enoughto attract the leads and sales you really want. With 15% of people making purchasesfrom their mobile devices, you want to give them what they’re looking for. 

3).Make Calling Your Company Easy

Your company’s dedicated phonenumber should be all over the web. It should be on your site, on any otherplaces you’ve signed up to (Yelp, Google, etc.), and on virtually any mentionof your company, including social media. Make sure it’s consistent, accurate,and up to date. If someone calls you, answer promptly and be helpful. Peopledon’t want to waste their time, and when you help them out efficiently there’sa higher chance they’ll buy from you when they need something you offer. 

4).Have Text and SMS Campaigns Running

Texting and SMS messaging is theway to go now, when it comes to getting attention from prospective customers.It’s so easy to send them a text or a message, so there’s no reason not to doit. Make it worth their while, though. Offer them a good deal on something, ortell them about a sale that’s coming up. Make your texts memorable andsignificant, and don’t send them too often. Over-texting can get you blockedand kill your chances at sales, so that’s something to be avoided. 

5).Create a Mentality That’s Mobile-First

Mobile is becoming much moreimportant than computers when it comes to making sales and capturing people’sattention. Don’t ignore your standard web presence, but take the advice and makesure you’re optimized for mobile and that you’re offering customerswhat they want and need on their mobile devices. The more you give them whatthey want, the more they will respond to your offers and come to you to buywhat they need. That mobile-first mentality can mean big sales growth, bigprofits, and a much more lucrative business.

Author Biography

Sophorn Chhay

Sophorn is an inbound marketerspecializing in attracting targeted visitors and generating sales qualifiedleads. Through Trumpia’s SMSmarketing automation solution he helps businesses and organizationscommunicate effectively with their customers or members. Trumpia is offering a freeMobile Marketing Success Kit so don’t forget to grab your freecopy.