Sign inSign in to Chrome and take your web with you

Get to your bookmarks and apps from any computer
To start syncing your browsing information to your Google Account, just click the Chrome menu Chrome menu and select Sign in to Chrome. All your info is stored in your Google Account, which you can manage from Google Dashboard. Any changes you make within Chrome on one device will be synced to all your other devices where you’re signed in to Chrome.
Google Chrome

Choose what you want to sync

Easily control the kind of information you’re syncing to your account. Click the Chrome menu and select Signed in as. Then click Advanced sync settings in the “Signed in” section to change your settings.

Have your personalized copy of Chrome

If you share a computer with someone on a regular basis, add new users within Chrome to keep your browsing settings separate. User profiles are also handy if you want to keep your work and personal browsing settings separate. To create a new user, just click the Chrome menu, select Settings, and click Add new user in the “Users” section.

Set your startup preferences

Open specific pages or your home page

You can open your favorite pages every time you start Chrome. Click the Chrome menu Chrome menuand select Settings. In the “On startup” section, select Open a specific page or set of pages to set your preferences.

Continue from where you left off

If you want to see pages that had been open when you last closed Chrome, selectContinue where you left off instead.

Show your personality with themes

Dress up the browser with a colorful theme. Find and add a theme from the Chrome Web Store. You can easily reset the theme or choose another theme anytime. Just click the Chrome menu Chrome menu and go to Settings > Appearance > Reset to default theme.

Have more fun and be more productive with apps and extensions

Avoid complicated software installs

Web apps are programs that are designed to be entirely used within the browser. You can find a wide range of apps, from photo editors to games like Angry Birds. Find what you need in the Chrome Web Store.

Get a little extra help with extensions

Extensions are extra features and functionality that you can add to Chrome. For example, don’t want to miss any incoming Gmail messages? Try the Gmail Checker extension. Find more extensions in the Chrome Web Store


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