Custom timelines are the coolest new feature the Twitter team has come up with in the last couple months. Custom timelines are a new way to organize your favorite Tweets. You create a timeline, give it a name and select the Tweets you’d like to add to the timeline. That’s it.
Timelines are public web pages on and can also be embedded into websites. The timeline creator can add any public Tweet to a timeline. So what are people using timelines for? Below are a few examples.

Some people are creating custom timelines for the best Tweets from a TV show. Other people are creating timelines of Tweets based on topics or groups they follow. Professionals are creating a timeline of testimonials for their businesses.

Custom timelines are also playing a big part in breaking news. During the on-campus emergency at Yale University, custom timelines were used to group Tweets together to bring the latest information about a gunman on campus. This is a fantastic way to see a group of Tweets that can keep you informed and safe.
Here is an example of a custom timeline that  @TwitterMusic has made of all the Tweets from music superstars that are currently trending.
So how do you make a custom timeline? It’s not as straight-forward as you may think.

Step 1. Download TweetDeck

TweetDeck is like a power tool for tracking, engaging and organizing all of your Twitter accounts. It serves as a Twitter command center so you only see the information you need. Many social media professionals around the world use TweetDeck, which is owned by Twitter. The best part is that TweetDeck is free and available as an online version for Mac, Windows and Chrome.

At the time of writing this article, custom timeline creation was only available on the web version of the Twitter app TweetDeck (owned by Twitter). It seems like such a great feature should be available on but this is unfortunately not the case; TweetDeck is needed. With TweetDeck, you’re able to create timelines, edit them and follow other people’s timelines as columns.

Step 2. Add a Custom Timeline Column in TweetDeck

Once logged in to your account in TweetDeck, add a new column. You can use the add icon “+” in the left sidebar or the keyboard shortcut “A”. A dialog box will pop up and offer you many types of columns you can create. Custom timelines are in the bottom left corner of the box. Select it and proceed to step 3.

Step 3. Name & Describe Your Custom Twitter Timeline

To make your custom timeline more useful, name your custom Twitter timeline appropriately. You should also describe what your custom timeline is used for in the description field below the timeline name. In the example above, I displayed my favorite mentions and the praise I’ve received on @About_Tweeting. Once you’re done, proceed to step 4.

4. Populate Your Custom Twitter Timeline with Tweets.

Here comes the fun part. Find Tweets you’d like to add to your custom Twitter timeline. Hover over them and the x/y axis arrows (in the red box above) will appear. All you need to do now is drag the Tweet over to your custom timeline. Tweets will appear in the order you drop them in the timeline.
Removing a Tweet from a custom timeline is pretty simple, too. Just click on the “X” icon on a Tweet in the custom timeline column and it will be removed. You’re all set.

5. Share and Embed Your Custom Twitter Timeline

Sharing your timeline is dead simple. Navigate to your custom Twitter timeline column and click on the settings icon, which is in the upper right corner of the custom timeline column. A bunch of options will appear including a share button. When you click the share button three options will appear; embed timeline, view on and Tweet about timeline.
The Embed timeline option lets you place your custom timeline on your blog or website. The View on option opens your web browser where your custom timeline will be displayed on a webpage. You can use this address to share it with your friends and followers. I would recommend using a URL shortening service because the web address is very long. And finally, the Tweet about timeline option will auto-generate a Tweet with TweetDeck that you can share quickly.