Backlinks determines your blog popularity and search engine ranking, which is defined as how many sites links to your blog. You can also link any site or blog from your blog. That links are called as outbound links as they are pointing to outside your blog. Also these links are divided into two type, first is nofollow and other is doffollow. As the name suggests nofollow link means, telling Google crawler to not follow the link. In case of dofollow link, you are telling Google crawler to follow that link.

Therefore as Google crawlers follows the doffollow links, thus they are important for every bloggers, because the page rank juice will also flows from that blog which has dofollow link pointed to your blog. That’s why most blogger are always eager beavers to find dofollow links whenever it comes to backlinks.
It depends upon you to keep a link either as dofollow or as nofollow. If you prefer to do guest blogging then you are sure to get dofollow link to your blog, but while doing comments some blogger claims to have dofollow comments system but they actually don’t have it. But normally we can’t find if the link is nofollow or dofollow. So today we are going to describe the ways to figure out if the given link is dofollow or nofollow.

There are two ways to find if the link is diffollow or nofollow which are as below:

1. Using nofollow adon /extension
2. Using source code.

1, Using nofollow extension:

CaptureInstalling nofollow adon/extension to your blog gives you the detail about each link in the page and highlight if the link is nofollow or dofollow. Usually this extension will highlight the nofollow link with red boundary which shows the link is nofollow. So if you are Commenting on a blog you can check the name field of the comment, if it has a red boundary then this is a signal of nofollow otherwise it is okay to you.
This is indeed an easiest way to find if the link is dofollow or nofollow tagged. But this extension is only available to chrome, Molalla, opera and safari browser.

2. Using source code.

This is also easy but you have to look into the source code of the Web page where you want to figure out links tags. For this you just have follow these simple steps.
  • Move your cursor to the link and then right click on the link.
  • Now inspect element option will be shown in the bottom.
  • Just click on it.
  • Now if you see rel=’nofollw’ then that means the links is nofollow and if it shows nothing or shows dofollow then the link on dofollow.
As I mentioned earlier that dofollow links flow the page rank, hence they are the key for link building, which also results in more spams. That’s why most of bloggers don’t allow dofollow links in comments. There are very rare chances of dofollow links in the comments, which are placed by the blog Owner itself.

 A Big Myth

Many blogger out there claims to have WordPress plugin called commentluv which gives dofollow link, but there is also an option to select if you want to keep your blog comment system as nofollow or dofollow in that plugin. So if you think that all commentluv enabled blogs are dofollow, then you may be wrongful. So better try to check if it actually gives dofollow comment system or not.

Best Way to get Dofollow Link:

If you want a dofollow link from any blog then I would recommend you to start focusing on guest posting, because this is the only way by which you can get better backlinks as well as traffic.
So how many links have you found to be nofollow which you were supposed as dofollow? Please do share your experience with us and don’t forget or like us on Face book and circle us on Google plus for more updates.


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