How to Order Uber Right From Facebook Messenger

How to Order Uber Right From Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has a tainted reputation because it’s been known to kill your battery life. (Here’s how you can know which apps are draining battery.) But

How to watch YouTube videos in slow motion

Want a slower look at an epic sports play, dance move, or the like? An easy-to-miss YouTube setting makes it possible YouTube lets you watch videos at 1/4 and

How to Use Your Mac’s Safe Boot Option

Apple has offered a Safe Boot option ever since Jaguar (OS X 10.2.x). Safe Boot allows your Mac to start up with the minimal number of system extensions,

How to use your dSLR as a PC webcam

Here's an easy way to turn your dSLR into a DIY webcam for PC. Maybe your webcam is broken. Or maybe, you just want to try something fun with your dSLR.
How to Use WhatsApp on a PC

How to Use WhatsApp on a PC

One of the limitations of WhatsApp is that you can only use it on your phone. If you are not carrying your phone, you're stuck without WhatsApp. There are

How To Use WhatsApp As A Search Engine And Wikipedia By Activating WhatsApp Bot

Facebook-owned WhatsApp instant messaging application is being used by millions of people to stay in touch and use it as multimedia and group messaging platform

How to Use Two Gmail Accounts on Your Android Phone

Step 1 Google's free Gmail is a powerful and capable email client that can do much more than just send and receive email. For those who use more than one Gmail

How to Use the USPS mobile app to place a hold on your mail

Forget to submit a hold request for your mail while traveling this holiday season? Use the USPS app to submit your request. In addition to gifts, seeing
How to use Microsoft SkyDrive to Store Your Video Files

How to use Microsoft SkyDrive to Store Your Video Files

When it comes to cloud storage, there are a lot of services to choose from. Although it's used less frequently than Apple's iCloud, Dropbox, and Amazon Cloud

How to use Google Drive: tips, tricks, and best practices

Of all the cloud storage and file synchronization services out there, Google Drive is arguably one of the best. The idea behind it is simple: Place any file in


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