Google AdSense is the typical monetization tool for most small time bloggers as they just do not have the traffic to make enough money from affiliates and sales.

Many bloggers start off with the high hopes of earning millions from AdSense and when this does not materialize they end up getting into black hat ways of making money from AdSense and then get the dreaded ban from AdSense.

This is an all too common story that bloggers hear…..
So I thought of writing a blog post on how new bloggers can protect and keep their AdSense account safe so that they continue to earn from AdSense.
To keep your AdSense account safe, all you need to do is implement certain rules while blogging, which I will explain and then you do not need to worry much.
Here are the list of things to do to not get banned by Google AdSense program.

Don’t Get Banned By AdSense

Never Click Your Own Ads

Clicking your own ads thinking that you can make infinite amount of money is the most stupid thing any blogger can do
Google AdSense has complex tracking algorithms that can easily get to know where the clicks are coming from, when they find out that you have been clicking your own ads, you will surely end up with an AdSense Ban.

Don’t Tell Your Friends To Click Ads

If you think you can out-smart Google AdSense by telling your friends to click ads instead of you doing it on your own, then think again
AdSense can easily get patterns in clicks and they can see geographically isolated clicks too. So it becomes very easy to find a click scam going on.
This too will definitely lead to a banned AdSense account.

Don’t Have Adult Content

The Google AdSense program does not allow you to have Adult content on your site, this is plain and simple. Keep all the content on your blog readable by a family audience.
Profanity is also not allowed, goes without saying.

Don’t Host Copyrighted Content

Never put anything on your blog which you do not own yourself. However, you can host copyrighted material as long you have the written permission by the owner of the copyrighted content.
Here are a list of things that can be considered as copyrighted material –

Copied Blog Posts
Designs And Themes

By staying away from such material, you should keep your AdSense account safe.

Don’t Link To Bad Websites

Linking to websites hosting copyrighted content, to adult sites, to gambling sites can put your AdSense Account in risk of being banned.
Never link to other blogs or websites which look suspicious. Always double check the blogs and sites that you link to, to ensure that they are safe to use.

Don’t Host Malware Or Virus

Always check your blog regularly to see if it is infected by any virus or malware as Google AdSense hates such sites and will immediately ban those sites from the program.
Malware and viruses cannot always be controlled but they can be removed with constant vigilance.
If ever you feel that your blog is infected, then please disable the AdSense ads at once so that you do not get banned by AdSense. You can always enable the ads again after removing the virus.

Have A Privacy Policy

Always have a privacy policy page where people can learn about how Google AdSense uses cookies and search history of a person to better serve ads that targeted to them.
Some visitors to your blog may not like the fact that Google uses search history to serve ads, so they may want to opt out of it, give them an option to do so.

Do Not Alter The AdSense Code

Never ever change the AdSense code that is provided to you, this is a direct violation of terms.
You may have seen some top sites where the AdSense ads look very different, this is because they are premium AdSense publishers who have special features.
Use the AdSense codes as they are.

Do Not Place AdSense Ads Next To Images

Google AdSense believes that when you place an Ad next to an image, it can create invalid clicks as visitors may think that the ads too are images.
Therefore do not place ads next to images.

Lookout For Click Bombing

There are certain people out there who think it is funny to get someone’s  AdSense account banned, so they try to click on ads many times to create click fraud.
Regularly check your AdSense analytics to see if you find any spikes in click activity that looks very unusual. If you do find anything like that then immediately inform Google about it so that they can discount those clicks and protect the advertisers.
Click bombing is the prime reason for most of the AdSense accounts getting banned, this is not necessarily the fault of the publisher.


So that was a brief discussion on how to keep your AdSense account safe. Following these tips will ensure that your AdSense account will never get banned.
If you have any other tips to add to these, please let me know in the comments section!


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