Android Monitoring Software to Manage Workplace


Employee productivity has continued to be the major concern for the entrepreneurs worldwide since it directly influences the business profitability. More than 70 percent of employers monitor their employees to prevent them from unsolicited deeds, boost their productivity, protect the business assets, and sidestep data breaches. The technological advancement has bestowed the business owners with software and applications to better manage their workplace monitoring the company assets and workforce. The employers can even track the mobile phones and tablets of the employees to closely watch out every single activity performed by them within and beyond the office premises.

How does Android Monitoring Application work?

The Android tracking application allows the businesses to monitor every single activity performed by the workforce on their Android mobile phones and tablets. However, the employer needs to take consent from the workers to monitor their devices before using the software. The next step is to download and install the monitoring application on the company owned Android devices used by the workforce. The successful installation prompts the app to upload the data stored in the target Android phones to an online account. The employer needs to log into that online account providing the confidential credentials to monitor and control the target Android devices. From messages, call logs, web history, emails, and keystrokes to nearly every operation performed on the target Android mobile phone or tablet can easily be tracked.

We have rounded up here the core features of the Android monitoring software to get you an insight how an inexpensive tracking app facilitates workplace management.

Monitor and Control Web Surfing

The Internet is packed with distractions negatively influencing the concentration and motivation of employees to work. The employers can monitor and control the internet activities of employees tracking the internet browsing history and blocking the unrequired websites on their mobile phones with Android monitoring software.

Track Emails

The majority of data security breach occurrences are deliberately or accidentally caused by the employees. They may respond to phishing emails putting the company devices and data at risk, or they may communicate the confidential company information to the rivals through emails. The Android surveillance software allows employers to track all the emails received and sent from the target mobile phone and tablets. The text of each email with the time stamp and the email addresses of the sender and receiver can be stalked to avert hostile happenings.

Keystroke Logging

The Android keylogger app provides the user with all the keystrokes applied on the on-screen keyboard of Android mobile phone and tablet including the username keystrokes, passwords, email addresses, and SMS keystrokes. These keystrokes enable the employer to log into the email accounts of the employees to closely watch the communication activities.

Record Calls and Messages

The businesses having calling customer services can keep track of each inbound and outbound call with Android tracking software. The employer can listen to and record each call received or made from the target device to ensure that their customers are getting quality services. Similar to calls, each incoming and outgoing text message and MMS can be monitored with time stamp and name and number of the sender and receiver of that message. That is not just restricted to the text messages but the one-on-one and group chats of employees on social media and instant messaging apps can also be snooped.

Track GPS Location

The GPS location tracking facilitates employers to keep tabs on the mobile workforce knowing their exact current location and the detail of locations they have traveled to in a week or longer. It enables businesses to keep a check on the productivity of employees both inside and beyond the workplace.

The Bottom Line

The Android spying app motivates employees to give their best to the business simply by being there. When it would be in workers’ knowledge that they are being watched by their employer they would avoid all distractions and concentrate only on what is in company’s best interest.


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