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Welcome to Techalive advertise, and this page will have all the information which you require to advertise your product on Techalive. If this is your first-visit to this blog, I recommend you to read our Introduction page to know about Techalive community, else I have out down important stuff in below Introduction section:

Traffic stats:

This is our latest stats from Jan 2016 report. We update this stat once in 3 month and if you have any query regarding traffic, you can drop me an Email.

  • Daily visits : 10500+
  • Daily page views: 20000+

We provide our clients with wide area of advertisement solutions. Right Now we have Current Advertising Options :

Advertisement and partnership options:

Every product have different needs and requirement, and here at Techalive  we offer various ways to advertise a product or service. We are selective about picking up a sponsor, and we partner or advertise only those companies/services which meets our quality standards. We look out for long-term partnership and with businesses who are committed to deliver quality and is company centric.
Here are available ad opportunities which you can get at Techalive, and depending upon your marketing strategy, you can pick one.


Product-review is one of the specialty of Techalive, as we not only write review of the product, but we also share tutorials and guides to using a product. If your product matches our readers and topic of the blog, you can get in touch with me for the quote for your product review. Some of the major topics we cover are: Blogging, SEO, SEM, WordPress, Blogger, Social-media tools, Reviews, Mobile, Gadgets, Design.
I’m a strong believer of “One price doesn’t fit all” and that’s why depending upon product, we quote price for the review. Our base package starts from $100.

Your Company news -Press Release – Sponsored posts:

So your company just launched something new, or have an important message to amplify. You can take advantage of our sponsored posts option to reach out to masses. We share all our news on Social-media account which consists of over 65K users.

Display ads:

All of our display ad slots are sold, and you can always esquire and pre-book ad slots here at Techalive. Here are available sizes for Ad-slots:

  • 728*90 – Header  $500
  • 300*250 Sidebar  : $200
  • Review posts ($100)

Payment mode :  Payment via Paypal or Bank Deposit.
Oh, and if you have any creative idea for ad-placement or running a media-campaign, feel free to talk to me. Creative ideas are always welcome.

simply drop an Email using  contact form with your requirement.