This is the part of our learn WordPress series and in this post you will learn how to set up WordPress after fresh installation. So far you have learned:

Now the next in the series is to setup your WordPress blog in the right manner.  You can also read WordPress complete guide, which will help you to get started and everything which you need to do with WordPress. This is the list of essential WordPress settings you need to follow after installing WordPress.

Essential WordPress settings for beginner:

When you install WordPress, it’s just a stock installation with few stuff like a dummy post, dummy page, dummy comment. Rest there are many things which you need to do to make it ready for yourself and for public. So, lets get started with the essential settings which you need to make:

Delete default Posts and page:



Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Posts> All posts and delete the default “Hello world” post. Similarly go to Pages > All pages and delete the default “Sample page”.

Set up WordPress permalink:


The default WordPress permalink is like This permalink is short but not friendly for search engine. We need to change it to make it search engine friendly.  Go to settings > Permalink and select the post name and click on save. This ensure that your permalink when appear in search engine, it will contain some keywords and your blog posts will rank better in search engine.


Set your time Zone:

Go to Settings > General and here you should check all the value. Make sure your site-title and tagline are up to date. Change the time Zone to match your country time zone. If you schedule your blog posts, changing time zone to your time zone will ensure your blog posts will be published in your desired schedule time.

Disable users registration


It’s always a good idea to keep your registration open if you are creating a WordPress site like Techalive or any other Websites which allow guest posting, but spam registration will be a pain. But, if you are sole writer and don’t need people to register, I recommend you to disable the WordPress registration Disable it under Settings > General.

WordPress discussion/comment settings:


This is another section which you should setup just after installing WordPress.  Just follow the screenshot and put check mark in front of the field as shown in the screenshot.

WordPress Ping list:

By default wordpress ping only one ping service, you can notify many more services by extending the ping service. Add more ping list here at Settings> Writing.

Quick Recap

  • WordPress permalink Structure.
  • WordPress time zone.
  • Threaded comment.
  • WordPress ping list

For now if you are installing wordpress for the first time you can refer to this post, for quickly check if you have done the basic settings for wordpress settings. You can also bookmark this post on delicious or stumble upon for future reference. Make sure you subscribe to Techalive feeds to keep receiving more wordpress updates.

What next?

Once you are done setting up WordPress, it’s time to install plugins. I have created two list of plugins, and you can read the detail of each plugin and install the one which make more sense to you.

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