The inherent quality of a backlink originates from the parent content from which it is generated. An essential requirement for backlink’s quality is its factual collaboration with the contents. The content in which the backlink is incorporated must bear perfect relationship to both the anchor text and the intended target of the link.
The backlink will command a better value for SEO, only when it has the contextual relevance to the published article.
Page rank score
Another important criteria for attributing greater value to a backlink is the Google PageRank of the backlink’s original content. Google evaluates the power or authority of all web pages with a rating system varying from 0-10. The link authority of a page with a PR8 will be higher than that of a page with PR2.
You need to utilize backlinks with high authority and greater contextual relevancy, for an efficient link building process using top SEO tools for your SEO campaign. Further, the backlinks should be natural looking and well organized with the anchor text.
To help you get started on creating most powerful, backlinks, following types of content should be generated:

  1. Create a Blog: You must create and organize a blog as a independent domain from your website. Build the blog on a topic that has relevance to your site and publish blog posts with more powerful backlinks in them directing the visitors to your website.
  2. Design Visual Content: Design visual content such as quality images, SEO software comparison charts, cartoons, infographics, and many more. This type of visual content can bring quality visitors to your site, through the backlinks embedded in the visual content.
  3. Guest blogging: Guest blogging is the most effective means of building backlinks on higher value blogs. Incorporation of guest blogging requires concentrated efforts from your side. You need to find good blogs, contact the blogs’ owners and request for writing a blog post for their blog, confirm the process related terms and conditions, namely the links you are permitted to include in the blogs.
  4. Publish Press Releases: Prepare and publish press releases whenever possible. An important point to be kept in mind is to use those press release publication sites which permit you add links in the content.
  5. Write Case Studies about Your Clients: Publishing case studies about clients who have scored success through your services will boost the image of your company. 

Link to Other (relevant) Blogs: YoYou may tie up with other blogs for having backlinks on mutually agreed terms to benefit both of you. In many cases, blog owners will reciprocate the favour by linking back to your website.Write Quality Reviews: When you publish a positive review for a company, many times the author may link back to your website, which may be highly resourceful.
Offer Free Resources: If you have competency in a selected area of r service, you may create and offer free resources, such as an eBook. This is a positive approach to draw the attention of your customers and back links to your site.