What a nice phrase on an email to start the day huh? Well, consider you’re not alone. Everyday, hundreds or thousands of accounts are being banned from Google’s AdSense program. Why? I can’t tell you specifically. Either there’s something wrong with the web you’re putting you ads on, or you just simply missed one rule from Google’s TOS.
Instead of crying or bashing Google in multiple forums (actually, this is a very bad idea), remember the world is not over yet, and there are plenty of alternatives out there to try. Google was just your first one, and you failed.
So, stand up, be proactive and act professional! There’s no time to lose.

10 best Google AdSense Alternatives

Here are some of the best Google AdSense Alternatives you can try to monetize your website without using Google AdSense, and I’ll tell you how they work and why you should consider them, so let’s start:

10. BidVertiser

Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Your Blog

You get paid for every visitor that clicks on an ad, and an extra revenue if the click turns into conversion. Their goal is to enable you to make as much as possible from your advertising space, by letting advertisers bid on your ad space. Bidwrtiser pay monthly, either by check, wire or instantly through PayPal with a minimum of only $10.

9. Infolinks

Infolinks is a Pay per click advertisement network that allows you to make money through your blog based on specific keywords. Infolinks indexes your pages and automatically add some hyperlinks in your text. Of course, since this isn’t a CPM program, it might take you a while to start earning a regular passive income through it, but it’s still an alternative to AdSense. They can pay you via PayPal and there’s an initial limit of $50. Infolinks is great for big websites, but if you’re barely starting keep reading.Signup Here.

8. Kontera

Kontera is a known network very similar to Infolinks. It’s also a text based network that adds links to your content based on specific keywords showing a doubled-underlined text and pop-up ads. This is also a pay-per-click program, so it depends on your CTR percentage to earn money. However, Kontera is definitely a better option if you have a small blog or you’re just starting your website, because it allows small sites to be added to your network. they can pay you via check or PayPal with the same $50 initial limit, and you can use it with AdSense at the same time.

7. Amazon Associates

Google Adsense Alternatives Amazon
Amazon is the biggest online store in the world, so they must be doing something good. Well, if you have a website that talks about any product that can be found on Amazon, then Amazon associates could work for you. Amazon allows you to put dynamic image ads to your blog, so that you can promote them and while this isn’t a Pay-per-click or CPM program, it will pay you a small commission for everything they sell from your links. So let’s say you have a blog about Apple products and you put an ad driving them to buy an iPod or just a cable. If they buy it, an small commission will be for you. So if you sell a $10 cable you might receive a few cents, but sell a $1500 Laptop and you might receive $100. The good thing is that everything they buy through your link (even if it isn’t the product you recommended at first) will generate a commission for your. the only con I find with Amazon, is that they need to send you a check that could take weeks to arrive to your home, unless you live in the United Stated of America where you can provide your Bank account. You can use this with AdSense at the same time.

6. BuySellAds

If you’re thinking on selling ad spaces from your website but you have no clients to land on BuySell Ads might be the right network for you. buySell Ads allows you to sell a space unit to many customers depending on the kind of traffic they want. so, if your blog has space for 4 ads, you can publish them here and wait until someone wants to buy your ad. While this can lead to a good income, this also means you need a good quantity of visitors and page views if you want to be appealing on BSA. BSA pays 75% of the revenue generated and you can get your payment via PayPal twice a month, without any starting limit.

5. Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads allow you to sell text ads from your sites. The price of your ads varies between your Page Rank, Alexa Rank, traffic, Social media and everything. So, the higher PR you have, the more expensive links you can sell. TLA pays you via check, PayPal or TLA voucher and they offer 50/50 revenue with a minimum limit of $25. You can sell up to 10 contextual advertisements from your site on TLA.

4. Clicksor

Clicksor is ad advertising network that allows you to serve text, contextual and popup ads. With more than 150,000 pages working on Clicksor, it’s became quite a good alternative to Google AdSense. They share up to 60% of the revenue depending on the ad (popup ads usually generate more) and they can pay you via check or PayPal with a minimum of $50.

3. Adversal

Adversal is a great alternative of AdSense and works as great as Chitika. They have good banners and the CTR and revenue adapts to get the best results for your website. I’ve seen the Ads on Adversal have a good CTR and they have good image ads too. This is probably the Ad network which seems to work better for those looking for a replacement of Google AdSense. It works decently with other languages too, which Chitika doesn’t. You account gets approved really fast and they also have Pop under /CPM ads as an option.

2. Chitika

The reason I put Chitika on the number 2 of this list, is because Chitika is very similar to AdSense. they allow you to customize your ads, and it only serves contextual ads. One good thing is that you can use it along with AdSense and there are no problems at all. Chitika pays via PayPal ($10 USD minimum, which is good for starters) or via check ($50 minimum). If I were to recommend an ads service as an alternative to AdSense, Chitika would be my first choice, hands down.

1. Affiliate Marketing

I’m leaving affiliate Marketing in the number 1 spot for many reasons. Affiliate Marketing means you’re selling a product or a service from another enterprise (which means you don’t have to develop it) and you earn a commission for that. You can find a lot of Affiliate Marketing programs on the net, and they can vary from selling a $10 small product up to selling a $300 software. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that the more you know and test a product or service, the more you can sell it.
Some affiliate programs can earn you more than $50 for each sale depending on the product and I truly recommend you test and backup your sales by using the product yourself (even though it’s not 100% necessary). If you are an authority in a niche, you can use it to boost your sales and grow even more. You can set affiliate links in banners, text, images and basically everywhere, and it can grow into a big passive income earner if done well. Some examples of people that have become very successful with affiliate Marketing are:
  • Pat Flynn from the Smart Passive Income blog
  • Michael Dunlop from the Income Diary
  • Darren Rowse from the Problogger Network
  • And more people that earn 6 figure incomes per month, mostly via passive income.

Some great Affiliate Marketing Networks are a great way to start your online journey, because you can look for products and advertise them on your website without having them, as long as they’re related to your niche. The best Affiliate Networks I know until now are:

  • Yesadvertising -> I’ve done good money promoting YesAdvertising campaigns
  • ClickBank -> Learn which products you should promote and make more money with CBEngine
  • Peerfly -> My favorite along with Yesadvertising. Their offers are top notch!
You just need to look out for the products or services related to your niche and find something to promote. Many affiliate Marketers are earning tons of dollars from those affiliate networks only.

What can I learn from this?

Life can be rude sometimes. You Google AdSense account could have been banned because you didn’t catch a rule from the TOS, or maybe it was a mistake, however, you can’t always rely only on 1 solution. The secret word here is to “diversify”. Try to have as many income streams as you can by adding and testing different ad services, and you’ll find your way to the top. Those Google AdSense alternatives will help you develop as an Internet Marketer even more.

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Even if your Google AdSense account was banned, this is not the end of the world. In fact, it’s only the beginning 


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