Affiliate marketing is one of the most of simple and the most of scalable of ways to earn money online. Instead of spending its time and finances at creating commercial product or services, you simply are promoting these goods and services, receiving a commission every time, when someone orders them on the site on your link. You can easily make an affiliate marketing source from your premium WordPress theme. Below we explain how you can do this.

The best affiliate plugins in WordPress themes:

As is the case with optimized themes for WordPress, there are many plugins that allow affiliates to expedite the process of adding products, masking links, etc. Here are some best plugins:

1. Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer

Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer  changes the references to local visitors Amazon (.com,, .de, etc.) and inserts your affiliate ID for each country.

2. Amazon Auto Links

Amazon Auto Links automatically generates links to new products with Amazon (taking into account your affiliate ID).

3. CB Press

CB Press quickly and easily imports the products from the ClickBank Marketplace.

4. ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates masks and manage all your affiliate links in the console of your WordPress site.

5. Skimlinks

Skimlinks automatically converts references to products in affiliate links.


6. Affiliate Egg

Affiliate Egg is a WordPress plugin to work with CPA-network (admitad, actionpay, etc). Unlike conventional advertising, Affiliate Egg allows you to integrate blocks with the goods directly to the text of posts; effectively making them as a part of the content. You have full control over which products from online stores will be added. This is a very effective way to monetize your blog on WordPress theme.

7. Plugin Referral-Recall

Plugin Referral – Recall will help to motivate users of your site to be active in terms of promoting your site based on WordPress theme. The essence of an affiliate program is simple: the user gets his affiliate link by posting it on other sites; it attracts new users to your site. By clicking on an affiliate link on your site visitor can get acquainted with the contents of your site, but if he decides to join it at the end of the registration process, the user has placed an affiliate link on which there was a transition to your new user gets in his face referral and promotion of your choice. Plugin Referral-Recall integrated into your WordPress themes can display the basic user’s information, his affiliate link and the latest attraction of referrals through your widget.


WP-Affiliate is a plugin that allows you to hide the links to affiliate programs that you place on your site based on WordPress theme. Or rather, he does not just hide the links, it makes them local. That is, you can adjust the link so that when you open a link detached We must say that this plug is not intended to get rid of external links in the records, though, of course, so it can be used. Its main task is to hide the referral link from the visitor. There are many services like, that can hide the long link short, but the use of third-party services is not the best solution. This plugin creates a profile with the settings in the main menu of the admin called “WP-Affiliate”. However, there are quite a few options. Anything you can do there is to include conversion statistics for your links and enter your ID in the system


9. AdRotator

AdRotator shows the advertising blocks (arbitrarily chosen from the list of partners/affiliates, specified in a text file) on the place chosen by you on the site based on any of WordPress themes.

10.AdSense Beautifier

AdSense Beautifier is a plugin with the purpose to improve the look of your advertising blocks AdSense with the purpose of attraction of attention surfer to advertising. Pictures next to with the texts of translator are used to attract surfer pass on the link.

If you want to implement your WordPress theme with any of the above described or other plugins aimed at turning your website into an affiliate platform come up with comments.